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Emily Alexander, Fitness Instructor

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Emily Alexander

Hi there! My name is Emily. Growing up as a swimmer, being active has always been a passion of mine. However after high school I gained nearly 50 pounds while living in Washington. When I moved home I started to change my lifestyle. I lost nearly 30 pounds by hiking and learning more about nutrition. I then started to rock climb and dabbled in going to a big box gym by myself. I then found my #fitfam here at Achieve. Since then I learned to truly lift and grew my knowledge of nutrition. I have successfully lost my 50 pounds that I had originally gained and now have more muscle than I have ever had before. Through my journey I learned fitness is more than just to create a certain physique. For me, fitness is to transform every area of your life; Body, mind and soul. Achieve has been my source of knowledge and encouragement. Here we have a family unlike no other. I am honored and blessed to be on a team that stands for such great things. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Push goals and constantly strive to grow and learn. I am passionate about loving on others and helping them achieve their goals and push their limits. Your body will achieve what the mind believes. I have found my place here at Achieve and I can promise you, I will never stop learning and pushing myself to be better; as a trainer, as a competitor and as a person.

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