8235 N Silverbell Rd #175, Tucson, Arizona 85743

Oscar Ward, Fitness Instructor

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Oscar Ward

Hi, I'm Oscar. I am very outgoing with a great passion for fitness and hard work. I love to go by the principal of putting 100% in everything I do and then some! I thrive on bringing positive energy and helping others as much as possible, being that light to help others reach their goals brings me great joy. I’ve had a long journey with fitness that started when I was young and found a love for sports and parkour. After many years of football, I found a great passion of combining calisthenics and weight training which is called hybrid training. This journey has brought me great experience and knowledge with nutrition and exercises that have greatly increased my strength, physique, and understanding of the skills that can be mastered through calisthenics with your own bodyweight. I hope to increase the passion and philosophy of what hybrid training can bring to your body and help you reach your goals while gaining impressive skills in the process. Looking forward to training you soon and impacting your journey within the realm of fitness!

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